Our Christmas Elf’s Adventures, Week 4, 2011

 Day 21:  Our Christmas elf, Brief, brings the kids a note with a gift to celebrate the first day of Winter Break vacation.  The note stated, “Happy Winter Break.  Please plant these magic seeds in the marshmallow snow … and see what grows. -B.H.”

 Day 23:  Taking a Marshmallow Bath in the Play Kitchen Sink

Day 24:  Built a SnowmanDay 25:  Brief took a shower … and wrapped up in a towel

Day 26:  Siting in the Poinsettia 

Day 27: Climbing the Long Light Chain

Day 28:  Chimney Inspection

CHRISTMAS EVE:  Final morning before he leaves with Santa for the North Pole …

We had such a great time with our Christmas Elf’s visits this year.  We will miss him greatly and anxiously await his return next year.  If you haven’t seen all of our elf, Brief Houser’s, adventures this year check out week 1, week 2, and week 3!!!

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