Thank-you note Torture

Growing up my wonderful mother instilled in me the importance and art of writing thank-you notes.  I don’t remember ever minding this … but then again, I always have enjoyed writing.

Believing in the importance of formally giving thanks, I want to instill the same in my children.  For previous birthdays and Christmas I only made my eldest (now 5 3/4) write his name and maybe draw a picture.  But this year, since he can write, I made fill-in-the-blank thank-you notes for him.  Also, I knew it would be really good writing practice for him.

Henry's 2011 Christmas thank-you notes - blankFilling in the first couple weren’t bad … but, well, he’s a spoiled kid with a fair of amount of family and friends, so … he had quite a few to complete.  I only made him do one at a time and only a couple a day … but, boy, did he make it drag out.

Thank-you to the Mitchell's

So now, mid-January, they are finished and sent out.  Finally!


…. Just wait ’til he find out that we are participating in a 100 Acts of Kindness Project and the first challenge is … THANK YOU NOTES!


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