Fakin’ It (snow that is)

Today, January 31st, it is 50 degrees in MICHIGAN.  It’s been freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw all month.  So, what’s a native Michigan mom to do when there isn’t very much snow in mid-January?  MAKE IT!

I got this fabulous idea from Make Do & Friend!  I took several diapers (YES, diapers!), cut them open, took the “stuffing” out, placed it in a large plastic container, added water … and instant snow!

Henry (age 5) wanted nothing to do with this.  But, Honor (age 2) and I had a blast.  She wasn’t too keen on actually touching the “snow”, but did enjoy using a spoon to let the “snow” fall onto her princesses’s heads and moving the figures around in the “snow”.

After a bit, the princesses got too cold … so we gave them a break and made a little winter farm scene …

Honor was done at this point … but I still wanted to play … so I got out my favorite miniatures (penguins) and had some fun!

 [a PlayDrMOM sidenote … I use sandtray (a therapy technique where the client portrays their world or problem in the sand using miniatures) often with my clients.  I don’t have an “official” sandtray, rather I use large plastic containers for the sand.  And I don’t just use sand … but also beans, rice, … and now … diapers!]

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Laura Hutchison

Laura Hutchison (aka PlayDrMom) is a chubby kid turned competitive figure skater tween turned high school pom pon girl turned MSU Spartan turned grad student turned Mrs. HutcH turned Dr. turned Mom. She adores living in the Mitten, is addicted to Diet Coke, and firmly believes that ice cream is a main food group.

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  1. Charlotte

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Still no snow for us, but we are going to try this again this week and use ice-cubes for igloo building too!

  2. Susan Case

    I love your blog! I pinned your Kid Blogger Network Activities and Crafts on my Pinterest page. I hope you will visit my blog sometime and consider adding “Why Craft?” or “Pattern Naturally” to your Kid Blogger Network. I’ve grabbed your button for my linky page and put you on my favorite sites. I am co-writing a book for moms of preschoolers and would like to add your blog and Pinterest addresses. Have a wonderful day! So many amazing moms blogging from everywhere.

  3. Laura

    Susan, I LOVE your blog too. Just added both posts on the KBN board! Thanks for commenting and adding me to your favorites!

  4. Molly Meznor

    I added some of these fake snow  photos to our Pinterest page.  Here’s the link: http://pinterest.com/pin/26599454019522301/

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