The ABCs of B. Inspired Mama … and this Week’s Kids Co-Op Linky!

This week I am super happy to feature another awesome mom blogger, Krissy from B. Inspired Mama.  You might remember that Krissy and I were Love Book Summer Exchange buddies.  She wrote an AMAZING post about the book and activities that I sent her … and the kids really enjoyed the book and activities she sent us (You are My Work of Art)  B. Inspired Mama’s tagline promotes “bringing moms kid-friendly arts & crafts, easy recipes, and preschool learning fun.”  Along with also being a member of the Kids Co-Op, Krissy runs 2 different series.  One is “From the Mouths of Moms” which gives parenting tips and tricks on a particular subject … like tips on successful playdates, getting kids to help with cleaning up, and taming toddler aggression … from a wide selection of moms.  The other series is “Mama Knows Best” which highlights ONE mom giving her BEST tips on a variety of parenting issues.  My guest post for this series was featured earlier this week!  Now I get to return the favor and share some info (and LOVE) for …

The ABCs of B. Inspired Mama 

Age 30
Beverage of Choice water with lemon
Chore you Hate putting away groceries
Daily Routine based on the baby
Essential start of the day checking my email
Favorite Color red or orange
Favorite Game Bananagrams
Height 5’3″
favorite Ice Cream flavor Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Beloved piece of Jewelry my heirloom engagement ring
Kids (names & ages) Sawyer (5), Priscilla (3), J.C. (6 months)
Where do you Live Upstate New York
Favorite Movie(s) The Help
Nickname Krissy
Occupation former Art Teacher turned full-time mama
Pet Peeve little Lego’s on the floor
favorite Quote “This too shall pass.”
Right or left-handed right
Siblings one big brother
Time it takes to get ready 15 minutes before kids – 1 hour with 3 kids
Unusual Fact I’ve owned a musclecar since I was 15.
Best Vacation an artists’ retreat in New Mexico
What makes you late kids needing to potty
Xrays you’ve had lots, but no broken bones
Yummy food that you make chocolate chip cookies from Grandma’s recipe
favorite Zoo animal the monkeys

And I just know you can’t wait to see all the great ideas on this week’s Kids Co-Op Linky:
The Weekly Kid's Co-op

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