Create an Alphabet Monster … letter learning fun!

Alphabet Monster

I’ve been realizing that my almost 4 year old needs more work on identifying the letters in the alphabet.  I saw an idea for making an Alphabet Monster Game from Little Family Fun.  So we made our own version with materials we had on hand!  Like an empty tissue box!  Which ALSO was perfect for JDaniel 4’s Mom’s 3rd Tissue Box Challenge!

JDaniel4's Mom_tissue_box_challenge
Making the Monster was SUPER simple.  All I did was attach a piece of pink duck tape to one side of the top of the box and fold it in half.  Then I used scissors to “fringe” the tape to look like hair.  I added a couple of large google eyes … and he was all set to chomp some letters.

Monster & Letters

For the letters we used the alphabet magnets we already had.  I have a set of upper case and lower case.  We started our first game with the upper case letter … I figure once she has better mastery of these we will use the lower case set.  Then, eventually, we will play with BOTH sets together.

I spread the letters on the floor and told my daughter that the monster was VERY hungry and only eats letters … BUT that he can only eat them if you say the letter’s name first.  She quickly picked out the letters that she already knew and feed them to the monster saying each letter name as she put them in.  To make the game fun and playful, I made sounds for the monster … like, “Ohhhh, I’m so hungry!” and gobbling noises after she put a letter in the box.  This received lots of giggles and silly smiles!

Although we are using the box for alphabet identification, he can EASILY be changed into a number or color monster!  The monster could also be used for sight or spelling words …  the possibilities for learning fun are endless!

What would you feed the Tissue Box Monster???

Tissue Box Monster for Learning

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  1. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    This is adorable! I love how colorful it is and how fun learning the letters must be with this monster!

  2. Mary Catherine

    I love how fun this idea is! Like you mentioned, it’s also very adaptable. 🙂 Off to pin this now.

  3. xo, Dee from, From Wine to Whine

    HA love it! He’s a cute little bugger!

  4. JDaniel4's Mom

    This is so cute! What a wonderful way to work on letters! Thank you so much for entering the Tissue Box Challenge!

  5. Kathleen

    This is great! As soon as my daughter knows more letters we will definitely be making one of these!

  6. The Monko

    what a simple and clever idea. Goblin is very into me animating his toys making them speak and narrate things. He would love this activity.

  7. Kathy

    Such a great idea and so cute!

  8. Lani

    Did it and loved it!!! My daughter couldn’t care less about letter learning….until i made this!!!! She loves feeding the monster and the monster chomps on her hand as she inserts the letters! She cracks up abd asks to play AGAIN!!!
    Again? REALLY?! Is this my child? Thank you so much! Shes finally motivated to learn her letters because…. “THE MONSTER’S HUNGRY!!!!!” Score! Thanks again!!

  9. Laura Hutchison

    That is SO awesome, Lani! Thanks SO much for leaving this comment. It made my day!

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