Our Magical Fairy Village Garden

Our fairy village garden is a work under progress … ever changing and evolving (especially after this week of getting ready for the International Fairy Tea Party!).

International Fairy Tea Party image

The backyard to our house includes over 25 hickory trees* and several garden berms (that are in serious need of some landscaping love) … so I choose one of the berms (conveniently located next to my daughter’s play house) to create a magical area for fairies to live and gather.

A fairy village garden created by PlayDrMom.

It started with a couple fairy doors that my husband and I made a ton of for our friends and family back in 2008 for Christmas. Then the kids added several small wooden “bird”houses and a castle that they painted.

Fairy Castle

Once our Fairy House Boot was complete we added it to the village too.  At that point my daughter and I decided that the fairies needed some roadways … so we used multicolored floral stones to place throughout the garden.

Fairy House Boot

This week also decided to get the area prepped for the tea party … using a piece of landscaping rock and two stones we created an outdoor table for the fairies to gather at.  More stones were used for the chairs and we just happened find some hickory nuts* for bowls to set at the table.

the table is set for the fairy tea party

And to create a festive atmosphere for the big event happening on Friday … we made and strung a tiny banner between the trees.  (To make the banner I simply cut small triangles out of various colors of felt and strung them together on some yarn.  I took the opportunity to sneak in some patterning skills and asked my four-year-old daughter to assist me making the banner!)

Fairy Village Garden Party Banner

Do you think the fairies will enjoy the village?  I certainly do!

PlayDrMom's simple backyard magical fairy village garden.

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  1. Kim

    Found you through instagram – love your site! So many great ideas!!!

  2. Laura Hutchison

    Thanks a bunch, Liz! I’m actually featuring your Fairy Pool Sensory bin later today … I have a round up of fairy sensory play AND a HUGE fairy fun round up coming up tomorrow for the International Fairy Tea Party!

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