“Fabulously Funny Fairy Tale Plays” and Activities – Virtual Chapter Book Club for Kids, November 2013

reading plays ... a great way to develop reading skills

This month the Virtual Chapter Book Club for Kids is featuring Folktales & Fairy Tales.  This got a TON of eye rolls from my seven-year-old son with whom I am participating with in the Chapter Book Club.  My daughter, his four-year-old sister, is princess obsessed, and he already feels overdosed on fairy tales.  So, I had to think outside of the box a bit … and I found “12 Fabulously Funny Fairy Tale Plays”, by Justin McCory Martin.  A book of “humorous takes on favorite tales that boost reading skills, build fluency and keep your class chuckling with lots of read-aloud fun!”

"12 Fabulously Funny Fairy Tale Plays"

Simply reading the plays together was a ton of fun.  Although each play had more characters than we had readers, we split up the roles and each played a part.  (For my four-year-old I read the part and she repeated me … so she could participate too!)  Each play was so silly that there was a TON of giggling going on!!!  Our favorites were “Spiderella”, “The Popsicle Boy”, “Rafunzel”, and “Slurping Beauty”.

Reading through the plays together was great for helping him continue to develop his fluency skills.  He’s already a great reader, but in having us take on different characters it helped him with bringing words to life.  This was his first experience in reading through a play, so he also learned how plays are structured (such as the different parts and the stage directions).

reading plays to develop fluency

Other than the awesome time we had reading the plays, Henry came up with the activity of drawing some of his favorite characters.

Henry's illustrations of play characters

The book also had a “Teacher Page” after each play with the history of the tale, vocabulary boosters, discussion starters, and writing prompts. These pages were great to assist taking about the plays after we read them.  This helped with comprehension and creative thinking.

Although we focused on one book of plays, “12 Fabulously Funny Fairy Tale Plays”, there are others in this series …


virtual chapter book club for kids

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