When Witches Aren’t Just for Halloween: Pagan Children Learning Series

For many the talk of witches and magic isn’t over when November 1st rolls around.   For Pagans, discussions about magic and witches are of importance ALL year long.

PlayDrMom's pagan learning series  reviewPagan parents … and anyone interested in learning more about Paganism … definitely need to check out the Pagan Children Learning Series, written by Rowan Moss and illustrated by (my amazing friend) T.S. Lamb.  It is a series of three books that serve as an introduction to Paganism for young readers.  The series includes, “Who is a Witch?”, “What is Magic?”, and “What are the Elements?”

3 books of the Pagan Children Learning Series

Each book explores the basics and has “whimsical illustrations and purposefully upbeat and simple language [that] will delight the eye and open communication” for a family’s own beliefs.

Pagan Children Learning Series logo

If you are interested in learning more or contacting the author or illustrator, here are some links:

Facebook page for Pagan Children Learning Series

Facebook page for artist, T.S. Lamb and her website, Epiphanies


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  1. Peta @ Great Googa Moogas

    These look fantastic 🙂 I’m way more spiritual than religious, so these are perfect for us, such a great way to teach kids all about paganism 🙂
    Peta @ Great Googa Moogas recently posted…The dangers of swallowing a button batteryMy Profile

  2. Andreja

    Love the illustrations! Paganism is not really a big thing where I come from (I don’t know any Pagans) and I admit to being pretty much clueless about it – maybe I should give them a read =)?.

  3. Carolyn Wilhelm

    Very nice looking and informative—I am sure all religions need materials for children. Beautiful art. I had no idea about this area before. Learn something every day!
    Carolyn Wilhelm recently posted…History’s Witches, free supplemental teaching guide for bookMy Profile

  4. Beth

    Huh. Interesting, though unorthodox.

  5. Laura Hutchison

    Thank you all for the supportive comments!

  6. Kay

    This is wonderful!

  7. Monica

    Thank you for this post! I am Pagan and have been teaching my daughter a few things. She is 4 so I keep it light. This series is perfect for us!

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