Winter Holiday Class Party

Last year I was one of 3 room moms for my son’s 1st grade class room, here’s the wonderfully wintery class party we put together!

wonderfully wintery class party

There were 8 stations for the kids to go through.  There were 24 in the class, so we broke them into groups of 4.  We also had TONS of help from other parents during the party which made it possible for us to be successful in running the party this way.  (click on the links to see the original post where I got the ideas)

1.  Stick Snowman Ornament – I prepped all the pieces so that all the kids had to do was assemble the snowman with glue.  It was great to see how each one turned out as unique as the kid that made it!

materials for stick snowman      Henry's Snowman

2.  Beaded Snowflake ornament – I had the pipe cleaners pre-cut for the kids.

materials for beaded snowflakes DSC_0001 DSC_0002

3.  Tattoo station – One of the other mom’s came up with this!  She bought holiday tattoos from Oriental Trading Company and at one of the stations we applied one tattoo on each of the students.

4.  Winter Gingerbread Sticker Scene – Another room mom bought sticker scene sets from Oriental Trading Company so the kids could create their own winter sticker scene.

5.  Roll a Snowman Game/Picture – At one table we had this great game for the kids to do.  This was my son’s …

roll a snowman game

6.  Decorating Cookies – A room mom got the cookies (already made) at Gordon Food Service.  She had the table ready with frosting and decorations for the kids to make their own cookie creations to eat!

7.  Snowman Fruit Kabobs – All the food pieces were ready for the kids to create another fun snack.

snowman fruit kabob

8.  Donut Snowman – I also had ingredients ready for the kids to make a snowman face out of a powered donut, baby carrot, and mini chocolate chips!

donut snowmen
When a group of kids were all done with the stations we started them on a game of Holiday Bingo.  Kids kept adding in on the game until everyone was complete with all the activities at the party.  It seemed to be a success!

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