Easy Kid-Made Scribble Ornaments

Scribble Ornaments

I had some clear plastic Christmas bulbs that I purchased from Oriental Trading Company a couple years that we never found the exact right thing to do with them … until now.  I handed them over to my four-year old with a bunch of Sharpie markers and she went to town – creating beautiful kid-made scribble ornaments.

Sharpies and a Clear Plastic Ornament

The effect of her multi-colored scribbles worked perfectly.  These particular ornaments spilt in two down the sides making them hard impossible to fill up like the ones with the simple hole in the top.  However, my daughter used this to her advantage and colored on both the outside and inside creating a fun dimensional look.

close up of scribble ornaments

My seven-year-old son decided he wanted in on the fun too (lately he’s been steering clear of our crafty fun).  He also enjoyed this freestyle creativity, but went for a slightly different effect …

Henry's Scribble Ornament

The fact that they were plastic also made it easier for them to work with … and me less fearful of crushing a glass and someone getting cut.  But I’m sure you could create the same cool effect on clear glass bulbs as well.  If you give a try I’d love to see photos of the masterpieces!

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  1. Lauren

    I love how these came out…and so easy too! What a great ornament to make with the kiddos.
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  2. Carrie

    They are beautiful!! I pinned them for later.
    Carrie recently posted…Easily Updated Photo Display for GrandparentsMy Profile

  3. Emma

    These came out beautiful! What a fun project for the kids to make!
    Emma recently posted…Christmas Sensory Play: Weekly Kids Co-OpMy Profile

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