MORE Candy Experiments

More Candy Experiments! a sneak peek at Loralee Leavitt's book

Back a couple years ago the kids and I did some super fun candy experiments.  I had seen them on a website and we just had to try them out!  Apparently a lot of other people wanted to try them out too, because that post was my first that became really popular (at least for my own stats)!

So, when the creator of the experiments, Loralee Leavitt, asked me if she could send me her book, Candy Experiments, for us to review, I not only said, “YES!”  but we were super excited to give more experiments a try.

Here are sneak peeks at a few we really enjoyed:

We Explored Colors …

Candy Experiments - mixing candy colorsCandy Experiments - what colors did we make?

Made Candy Comets …

Candy Experiments: Make a Candy Comet

Turned Skittles into Clamshells…

Candy Experiments: Clamshell Skittles

And, Made Some Funky Candy Stripes …

Candy Experiments: Candy Stripes

For all of the directions and science behind these simple and fun experiments (and MANY more), make sure to check out Loralee Leavitt’s book!

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  1. Ashley

    We love experimenting with candy! Looks like a great book! You were featured on Mom’s Library this week!

  2. Laura Hutchison

    WOW! Thanks a bunch, Ashley!

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