BUBBLES: Books, Crafts, & Fun

I’ve always been a sucker for BUBBLES.  Never grew out of loving them.  And now that I have kids, I share my love of bubbles with them!

Bubbles!  Books, Crafts, & Fun!

We’ve been having a lot of fun with bubbles in a few different ways … and I wanted to share them with you!

First, back in May, I brought Bubble favors to celebrate my Honor’s 5th birthday at her preschool.  I found inexpensive bottles of bubbles and tied a “Happy Birthday” ribbon around them.  Easy Peasy!

simple bubble favor

As part of celebrating her birthday at school, I also helped out by reading to the class.  Since I was bringing the bubbles as favors, I figured reading books about bubbles was the only way to go!

After I read, I turned on our bubble machine and let the kids dance around and chase the bubbles. Their smiles and laughter was contagious!!!

But the fun didn’t end there.  We play with bubbles all the time.  Sometimes just for a few minutes … and other times for a longer impromptu bubble party!!!

One morning my daughter decided we were going to have a Bubble Party!  We served “bubble tea” from the Disney Princess Enchanted Bubble Tea Party set.

Disney Enchanted Bubble Tea Set

Enjoying a Cup of Bubble Tea!











We also made our own Bubble Wands using pipe cleaners.  Super simple … all you need to do is bend one pipe cleaner into a shape, and then and a second one folded in half to the shape pipe cleaner to make a handle.  They end up making really terrific bubbles!

Homemade Heart Bubble Wand

DIY Star Bubble Wand











And, if that isn’t enough bubble fun, check out these great ideas ….
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    That bubble tea party set is awesome! I don’t think I ever realized how many books about bubbles there really are! lol!
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