The ABCs of Thanksgiving … and the Weekly Kids Co-Op

PlayDrMom rounds up the ABCs of Thanksgiving

It’s TURKEY TIME … which means I’m rounding up the ABCs of Thanksgiving.  Here are some fun ways to celebrate the season of gratitude from A to Z!

fun ideas for Thanksgiving from A to Z

AFour FREE Thanksgiving Apps

B a TON of Thanksgiving Books

CCandy Corn Turkey Craft from Crafty Morning

D3D Turkey from Real Life at Home

EEmbroidery Hoop Turkey from Gwenny Penny

F –  Turkey Feathers Thanksgiving Countdown from Living, Laughing, & Loving

G – Gobble up some Gumdrop Turkeys from design.wash.rinse.repeat.

HPilgrim Hat cookies from Woman’s Day

I  – Indian Corn Wreath from Pure Heart

JGratitude Treat Jar from Toddler Approved

K – cute free printable for the Kids Table from Paperglitter on the TomKat Studio

L Leaf Countdown to Thanksgiving

MMilk Carton Mayflower from Stir the Wonder

NFlower Turkey Napkin Rings from Our Best Bites

Oreo Turkey Cookie

P – a round-up of beautiful Thanksgiving Place card crafts by Stephanie Lynn

Q-tip Painting Printables from Free Homeschool Deals

RRibbon Turkey from She’s Kinda Crafty

SSpin Art Turkey from Dilly-Dali Art

TToilet Paper Roll Thanksgiving Crafts from Crystal & Co

UUtensil Turkey from I gotta create!

VVeggie Turkeys from Tinkerbean

Wcandy Wrapper Turkeys from Housing a Forest

X2X4 Turkey from Craft Goodies on U Create

YHappy Fall Y’all Trail Mix from Make Bake Celebrate

Z Zentangle Turkey

The ABCs of Thanksgiving … fun ideas from A to Z

ABCs of Thanksgiving

 And now  for …


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