The ABCs of Best Toys for Toddlers … and the Weekly Kids Co-Op

(This post is part of my “ABCs of” feature series where I highlight one blogger a week by sharing fun facts about them A-Z!  Click here for the rest of the posts in the series!)

Today I am featuring the ABCs of Best Toys for Toddlers … where playing is serious business!  Mihaela is full time working mom of 2 daughter who loves to think “of  new ways to bring glory and interest back to old , abandoned toys”.  This month she’s running a wonderful series .. Blank Christmas Cards as an Advent Calendar in which she shares a Christmas card idea each day!  I love the Confetti Christmas Wreath and the Washi Tape Snowflake!  Also, make sure to check out her Take Along Finger Puppet Theatre Tutorial!

The ABCs of

Best Toys for Toddlers


Age Just entered 40’s
Beverage of Choice Heavy coffee addict here!
something you’d like to Change in your Life I would love to be more organized! Or have less things on my to-do list!
favorite Diversion Drawing! I love zentangles!
Essential start of the day Did I mention that I’m coffee addict? First coffee, then getting kids up and running!
Favorite Color Combination of black and red
Favorite Game Love to pick piece of paper and make collaboration drawings with my daughter. Taking turns and adding. Always fun to see what turns out!
Height Five and a half feet/1.7 meters
favorite Ice Cream flavor Apple – sour and refreshing!
Beloved piece of Jewelry Dangling earings!
Kids (names & ages) Patricia 6, Izabela almost 3
Where do you Live Croatia, small town up north, just few km from Hungarian border
Favorite Movie(s) Lord of the Rings 🙂
Nickname Don’t have one! Lucky me! However, many people know me as Michelle online (that’s English version of my Croatian name)
Occupation Full time working as supply manager, part time working as blogger.
a weird thing in your Purse/bag Always have a bunch of markers. Love to use colors when taking notes or doing quick drawings
favorite Quote “Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”  – Dr.Seuss
Right or left-handed right handed
Siblings Younger sister and younger brother
Time it takes to get ready Under 5 minutes for myself. Lot longer to get everyone else ready!
Unusual Fact If it was up to my mom, I would carry a name of certain black duckling with egg shell on his head! Luckily, dad stopped her.
Best Vacation Anniversary in Venice during Festival.
What makes you late My hubby! And kids! Thinking of putting together a book called “1,001 ways to be late on work”.
Xrays you’ve had None! I’m lucky!
Yummy food that you make Love honey carrots!
favorite Zoo animal Animals that are not usual for our country – like elephants, giraffe, etc.

And now for …


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