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iPhone app: Doodle Ships

iPhone Apps: Favorite Apps for Kids (part 2)

In just the 4 months since my last Favorite iPhone Apps for Kids post, we have already found several more that we are really enjoying.  I think you, and your kids, will enjoy them too! Doodle Ships – (free) A simple

Henry’s Angry Bird Video

My son, Henry, LOVES Angry Birds.  The video is a compilation of SOME of the Angry Bird videos we created of SOME of the Angry Bird play he has done in the last month or so.  The editing and creation of
Honor & the iPhone

iPhone Apps: Favorite Apps for Kids

Okay … before I start I want to share my thoughts on “screen time”/media and kids.  The way I view it is BALANCE IS KEY (as with most everything in life).  Having healthy, well-rounded children is important to me … so,
My beloved iPhone

iPhone Apps: For Moms to Love

I … am an iPhone lover.  My husband gave me one for Christmas 2010 … and I’ve been attached to it ever since.  I have found it to be extremely helpful tool in keeping many things in my life organized and