My Christmas Journal: One of my most prized possessions

my Christmas Journal!

In 1998 my mom got me a Christmas Journal to record each Christmas. I LOVE THIS BOOK.  I am using it now to prepare for Christmas for the 13th year.  It is EXTREMELY helpful to keep track of Christmas card and gift lists from year to year.  And, it is already amazing to look through the pages and see how my life has changed … and all the blessings I have.

It is a Christmas Journal from Journals Unlimited.  The company makes a variety of journals (new home, baby, birthday, traveling, kayaking, you name it …) each journal includes repeating pages of topical “starters” to help you record memories.  For instance, my Christmas Journal includes …

  • Christmas Cards Sent and Received … since I send and receive so many, I actually type up and paste in a list of cards I send and put a check mark those that send a card in return.  I then use the second page provided for this to attach
  • Gift Given and Received
  • Special foods, recipes, and baked goods… now that my life/family has expanded I actually use this page to continue the gifts given/received.
  • Notes/Memorable Events of the past year
  • the last page includes spaces to record the weather, where and who Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was celebrated with, parties given/attended, decorations, trips or visitors, favorite moments, and hopes for the New Year.

If you don’t have a special place to record your holiday memories yet, I STRONGLY suggest you start one this year.  If not one from this company, you can easily start one in any store bought journal … or, as I did one year for gifts, make one from a composition notebook covered with Christmas scrapbook paper (wish I had some pictures of those to post!!!).

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