Mystery Bag … part of TinkerLab’s Paper Bag Challenge!

When I told Henry about participating in TinkerLab’s Paper Bag challenge, he immediately had an idea.  “I know, we should make it into a Mystery Bag!”
The “Mystery Box” has been a school favorite activity for him since he did it in his first year of preschool … and still a favorite in his second year … and, yes, still a favorite this year in kindergarten.  
In case you have never heard of the “Mystery Box”, it is a box the size of a shoebox or lunch box in which children take turns taking it home, putting an object in it, coming up with clues for the object, and then having the class guess what the object is using only the clues.  It’s a creative variation to show-and-tell … and promotes not only being able to share in front of the class, but also problem solving skills.  Two things that Henry LOVES  … again, confirming how much he LOVES this activity.  So, we made a MYSTERY BAG from a lunch bag size paper bag …  

 Henry wrote on it and decorated the front.

I wrote the directions on the back.

 And then we played …

Henry’s clues were … 1.). It’s an animal, 2.) It has eyes, & 3). It has a beak.  Tricky, huh?

 Well, I as his mom know that he is an Angry Bird fanatic … so I guessed an Angry Bird, but since I didn’t guess a specific bird/color, I didn’t win.

Here’s one for you … 1.) It’s brown, 2.)  It’s made of paper, & 3.) You can make lots of super creative things out of it.

Why don’t you enter YOUR creation with the answer below?  We’d love for you to join the challenge!!!  Here are a list of bloggers hosting the linky …

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