Valentine Votives

I knew I wanted to do Valentine Votives like the ones Mama Pea Pod made as soon as I saw them.

So, when my mom said she needed an idea for the centerpieces for the evening Valentine’s party she was coordinating for the families of the preschool she is the director for… I told her I had just the thing.

These are the items I planned to use for the project … Mason jars, Mod Podge, tissue paper squares, and foam heart stickers.  (we ended up not using the stickers)

Honor had SO much fun painting the Mod Podge onto the jars with a stenciling brush!

Both kids did a great job of putting the tissue paper on the jars.  Honor decided one should be completely pink; Henry decided one should be completely red.  But, we (my mom and I) did lots of multi-colored ones too).  After all the jars were covered in tissue paper, I gently brushed/dabbed Mod Podge over the whole thing to make sure all the pieces would stick.  And, since it was the “glossy” type of Mod Podge it gave it a nice look too!

We truly had a lot of fun with this easy project.  I know that they are going to look LOVELY tonight at the Valentine’s party, each with their own flameless candle to set the mood!

… now off to gather the supplies for the Valentine games … and prepare my heart shaped dish to pass!  (don’t worry I post on those too!)

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Laura Hutchison

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  1. Mama Pea Pod

    So glad you were inspired to try them too! They really look so beautiful with the soft candle glowing through the coloured tissue, don’t they?

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