A Variety Of Valentine’s (toddler style!)

Being a part of such a great blogging community, I was overwhelmed with the wealth of ideas for Valentine Cards … so instead of settling on ONE single way, I decided on the broader idea of using Honor’s artwork to create her Valentine’s.  This way she was we were able to explore lots of the art mediums we love!

For about a month I saved her doodles and paintings, as well as trying some things.  I cut the artwork into hearts and then, together, we glued the hearts on to homemade cards (cardstock folded in half for the larger cards, or cut into thirds and then folded in half for the smaller ones for school).  I printed out a simple Valentine greeting which we glued on the inside.

There was QUITE a variety!  The following shows the different ways that were used to create over 40 Valentines!!!

Heart Blottos

idea from The Chocolate Muffin Tree, Heart Blotto Valentines

For these, I actually cut the heart shapes first and had her paint on one side of the heart.  We then folded the heart, to squish the fresh paint, and create beautiful heart blottos! (or we could just get a psychology-y and ask, “What do you see?”)

Marker Scribbles

Dot Dabber Painting

Spin Art Valentine’s

idea from The Chocolate Muffin Tree, Spin Art Valentine Cards

Watercolor Painting with Q-Tips

 Crayola Color Wonder Marker Scribbles

Wow!  Were we busy!!! And we had so much fun.  Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  

May your heart be filled with love!


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  1. Carolyn

    What a cute blog you have! Great ideas…

  2. Susan Case

    That is beautiful. I love the spin art. Thanks for linking so that I could see where to buy one (Amazon). Lovely post. I’ll pin it in my Holidays section.

  3. Debbie Clement

    What a great wealth of delightful effort and techniques to share LUV!!!! Such a sweet undertaking and I’m certain those receiving these heart-made joys were thrilled.

    Thanks also for linking up to the new Co-op!!! So excited to be able to share everyone’s ideas with a wider readership!


  4. Becki

    I love the idea to use the artwork to make valentines.

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