Honor’s First Sewing Project

I saw this wonderful idea to introduce kids to the concept of sewing, from Happy Little Munchkins, and just had to give it a try.   All you need is a large sheet of plastic needlepoint canvas and pipe cleaners.

I modeled for Honor the way to weave the pipe cleaner in and out of the holes …

But, then just let her take a go at it …

Perhaps we’ve been doing a bit too many color sorting activities … because she only wanted to use the PINK pipe cleaners on the PINK canvas and the PURPLE pipe cleaners on the PURPLE canvas!

Pipe cleaner “sewing” really is a great activity to keep handy to keep little hands busy for a bit.  This first sewing project was wonderful for fine-motor skill building and I’m sure as her skills develop the activity will develop along with her!

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Laura Hutchison

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  1. TsLamb

    What fun! We’ve used the canvas before with a dull knitting needle and yarn. I hadn’t thought of the pipe cleaners that is a great idea.

    Oh and you can also use shoe laces.

  2. Ali @ At home with Ali

    Sewing seems to be such a satisfying activity for young kids, your daughter looks very happy.

  3. Lauzi @ Happy Little Munchkins

    Looks like fun! My daughter loved this one too! 😀

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