My kid’s bowling birthday party … I’ll spare no details

Since I’ve been blogging less than a year, I still have lots of catching up to do on previous play, crafts, and celebrations.  With this being Henry’s birthday month (see this year’s party) I’ve been thinking a lot about celebrating his previous birthdays.  I’m hoping to blog about all of them this month, but I want to start with last year’s … his 5th birthday which we had at a bowling alley!

I figured the birthday boy, needed to have his own bowling shirt.  They have some amazingly cute ones at!

The invitation.  I found and ordered this super cute one from Vistaprint (oh, how I love them for invites, holiday cards, business cards, etc!).

I ordered the plates, napkins, and decorations from Party City.  They had a really cute collection of bowling themed stuff!  (It doesn’t look like they still carry the same collection now, but they still have great stuff)

The Food.  As with many bowling alleys, they policy was that you couldn’t bring in any food other than the cake.  So, we all enjoyed the really great pizza and pop from the bowling alley.  (I definitely recommend doing a “test run” of the party with just your family at the alley you choose in order to test out the food, service, and equipment!)  After the pizza, we enjoyed the homemade cupcakes I brought …

 I printed out a bunch of coloring pages of bowling images and set them out with a bunch a crayons on the upper tables, so that the guests could have something else that was fun to do.  You can find TONS of coloring pages here.
For the party favors, EVERYONE went home from my kid’s bowling birthday party with a trophy …

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  1. Valerie @ Glittering Muffins

    Oh my! Henry looks very spiffy! 😀 Very cool idea thanks for sharing.

  2. Rashmie @ Mommy Labs

    Great ideas and pictures! Can’t wait to see more ideas of celebration from your son’s other birthday parties!

  3. Jode

    Oh that bowling shirt is just too cute! Looks like a fantastic birthday party theme with lots of fun being had!

  4. LaSha Nelson

    Where did you purchase the bowling trophies? They are too cute! Thansk so much!

  5. Laura

    Great question, LaSha! Oriental Trading Company … They are $11/dozen. I personalized them myself (with labels), but you can order them personalized for $15/dz.

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