What to do with your Easter Bunny Photos

I’m a total sucker for cheesy, classic traditions to do with kids.  Ever since my first child was old enough (he was only a couple weeks old for his first Easter), we’ve been going to the mall to sit with the Easter Bunny and get a picture taken.  After just a couple of years, I realized I would be collecting quite a few “pictures with the Easter Bunny” (since I fully intend to be taking them to do this for the rest of our lives!).  At first I would put the photos out around Easter in frames, but then I came up with a better plan!  I started a scrapbook just for those photos.

I used to be quite the scrapbooker … before I had kids.  And, now, in the age of digital photography, iPhoto, Facebook, and blogging I have found alternative ways to organize, share, and display the (insane amount of) pictures I take.  But it is really nice to have one, easily manageable/do-able “hard-copy” scrapbook dedicated to a yearly moment in time.

So, here’s our Easter Bunny Photo scrapbook …

The photos I took of the photos don’t really do the scrapbook justice … but that’s not really the point.  The point is it’s a nice way to create a keepsake … and be amazed at how quickly kids grow!

(BTW … excuse the fact that I am in the last 2 photos … my daughter isn’t too keen on large man-sized fake rabbits … and since I REALLY want to keep my tradition going it’s the sacrifice I’m forced to make!)

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