Making a Easter Egg Hunt Fun for All

easter egg hunt
My family celebrated Easter Sunday this year at my Aunt Mj’s house.  She always comes up with fun activities for the kids … and this year was no exception.  She created a wonderful Egg Hunt that was fun for all 4 generations that were there.

She actually created 2 separate, age-appropriate, egg hunts … an action word/verb hunt for my 6 year old son and a animal sounds hunt for my daughter who’s almost 3.  She color coded the hunt … my son had to find the green eggs and my daughter had to find pink eggs.  (Unfortunately, they were the only kids there.  My cousin and her kids were home sick with a stomach virus!)

When the kids found an egg they had to come back to the front porch where my grandma was sitting, then read and perform the challenge that was written on the strip of paper hidden inside the egg.  Once the challenge was completed they received a wrapped prize (non-candy!) to put in their Easter bag.

Here are the list of Challenges from each hunt …

Action Word/Verb Egg Hunt

  1. Sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  2. Roll an egg from the pine tree to the mailbox
  3. Gallop like a horse.
  4. Build a structure using as many duplo blocks as you are years old.
  5. Dance until the song on the microphone ends
  6. Run a circle around the tree with the decorations.
  7. Jump 5 times.
  8. Hug your dad.
  9. Hop like a bunny.
  10. Draw a picture.

Animal Egg Hunt (make a sound or act like a certain animal)

  1.  Monkey
  2. Elephant
  3. Bunny
  4. Dog
  5. Cat
  6. Bird
  7. Frog
  8. Cow
  9. Tiger
  10. Horse

It was truly a blast to watch.  The kids were so excited and had so much fun.  Definitely a memorable Easter!

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