Elf Adventures, 2012 week 2

Our elf, Brief Houser, has been up to lots of fun this week!  For his previous adventures … Elf Adventures, 2012 week 1 and here’s a round up of 2011.

Day 8: Chattin’ with Mrs. Butterworth


Day 9: Taking Minnie for a Sleigh Ride


Day 10:  In a Shoe … just like how St. Nicholas left us gold coins in our shoes at church!


Day 11:  Tangled in Lights!


Day 12:  Helped Decorate for a surprise 12/12/12 birthday party we had for my dad!

Elf Birthday Decorations

Day 13: Snacking on Popcorn


Day 14:  Just Hanging out … on the light fixture!


And let’s follow up with what our friends’ elf, Twin’kle has been up to as well …

twin'kle elf 2

  • having fun on the copy machine with Barbie
  • hanging underwear on the stocking hooks
  • tasting some M&M’s
  • looking over photos of lost loved ones
  • taking a part in the Nativity scene
  • tp’ing the tree

Make sure to come back next week to see the further adventures of Brief & Twin’kle!!!


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