Paratrooper Valentine … Just dropping in!

Paratrooper Valentine

I let both of my kids peruse my Valentine’s Pinterest board to pick which Valentine’s they wanted to give out this year.  Henry (who will be 7 in a month) picked out this super fun Paratrooper Valentine from Paging Supermom!

I purchased these cute and colorful paratrooper toys from Oriental Trading Company (72 for $10).  I particularly like this set because the figures come in a variety of figures, poses, AND are BOTH male & female.

variety of troopers

In case you’ve never heard of this toy before, I’ll explain.  It’s a small figure with a plastic parachute attached to the figure with string.  If you unwrap the chute and allow the figure to fall to the ground from a bit of a height, the figure floats to the ground just like a real paratrooper!

ready to drop in!

My original plan was to find some camouflage scrapbook paper to use for the Valentine tags.  Unfortunately I didn’t find any, so I improvised.  And what better to improvise with than …

camo duck tape

… Camo Duck Tape!  I simply just stuck the tape onto a piece of white card stock to use as the background for the tag.  Then I printed out small address labels with the message, “Just dropping in to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!”.  I stuck the label on the camo tape tag, punched a hole with a hole punch, and then tied the tag on the the mini-trooper with some curling ribbon.

not pretty, but it worked!   paratrooper tags

I have a feeling that these little guys are going be a big hit at my son’s first grade Valentine’s party … and also when they “drop in” to our friends and family through the mail!

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    This is so cute!My Little Guy would LOVE this! I wanted to invite you to join us in our Share It Saturday link up party. Each week, so many creative and fun ideas are shared and it is so wonderful finding new ideas and blogs! Yours would fit right in!

    We also have a Pinterest board dedicated to the link up party and are inviting all contributors to become a collaborator on the group board. It is a really great way to get many new viewers to see your posts. The link for the Pinterest board is on our post. I hope to see you there!
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