A Comprehension Matching Game: The Spiffiest Giant in Town

The kids and I have been checking out books written by Julia Donaldson as part of this month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids blog hop event.  Yesterday I posted an activity to go along with Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book.  Today I’d like to share a matching game I created to go along with The Spiffiest Giant in Town.

The Spiffiest Giant in Town matching game

In the book the Giant buys a new spiffy wardrobe but as he passes animal friends in need to gives pieces of his clothes away.  I was curious if my daughter, who’s almost 4, would be able to recall which items the Giant gave to whom.  So I copied a few of the pages in the book.

copied pagesAnd then I cut out some of the images …

the giant's spiffy clothes   disheartened animals

I spread out the pictures on the table … with the Spiffy Giant clothes on one side and the animals on the other.  I also included a yellow crown and the Giant at the end of the book (in his gown).

a comprehension matching game

Then I asked my daughter if she wanted to play a game where she matched up which pieces of spiffy clothes did the Giant give to what animal.

all matched up!She did a great job!

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  1. Claire Baker

    I love your ‘Spifiest Giant in Town’ game that you used with your 4 year old. I would like to have a go at it- could you possibly send me the matching pictures? Many thanks!

  2. Laura Hutchison

    I just made them myself from copying the pictures in the book – so I can’t share them since they are copyrighted.

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