How Many Wheels? Counting/Math Activity

With the complete makeover of the blog, I’ve been also going over old post and drafts and found this one that I never published.  It’s perfect for this week’s number theme!

Mrs. Walch, Henry’s kindergarten teacher, sent a cool Home Link activity home the other day.  He was asked to tally (using actual tally marks) how many wheels we had at our house.  We started off going room to room, counting and making up a tally sheet.  Henry’s a math whiz … so counting and tallying is no challenge, but he enjoyed the searching for as many wheels we could find.  The garage is where we REALLY found a lot … 62! (we just moved, so there is quite a bit in the garage!)  He then counted up the tally … 151 wheels in the house.

Since that was fun and keep him interested, I challenged him again.  I brought out his 2 containers of of toy vehicles … and told him to count all the wheels.  He looked at me with raised eyebrows, so I said, “What’s an easy way you could count them up?”  First, we sorted them by how many wheels they had.  Then, out of the cars that had 4 wheels we put them into rows of ten.  I asked Henry, “If there are 10 cars in a row and each car has four wheels, how many wheels in each row?”  He responded quickly with “40” and then went ahead to add together the rows.  288 wheels in all. (I only hope I can continue to keep up with his math skills!)

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