Fairylands & Fairy Gardens: A round-up of ideas

The International Fairy Tea Party is tomorrow!  So I’ve been busy rounding up lots of different fairy related posts.  This post highlights different ways to create fairylands & fairy gardens …

Part of PlayDrMom's Fairy Fun Round-Up:  fairylands and gardens1. Egg Carton Fairyland from Sun Hats & Wellies

2.  Make a Fairy Land from Nurture Store

3.  Outdoor Fairy Garden from Twig and Toadstool

4.  How to Weave a Fairy House and Make a Fairy Garden from Kitchen Counter Chronicles

5.   Simple Fairy House and Garden from Creekside Learning

6.   Make a Fairy Garden from The Magic Onion

7.  How to Make a Fairy Garden from Nurture Store

8.  How to Make a Mini Fairy Garden from Better Homes and Gardens

9.  Flower Pot Fairy Gardens from Rockabye Butterfly

10.  Mini Fairy Herb Garden from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

11.  Fairy Garden (for inspiration) from A Girl and A Boy

12.  Fairy Garden 2012 from Crafty Moms Share

13.  Fairy Garden from Taming the Goblin

14.  Easy Fairy Garden from Pink and Green Mama

15.  Fairy Garden from The Imagination Tree

16.  Fairy Garden Terrarium from PlayDrMom

17.  Fairy Village Garden from PlayDrMom

and … Finalists of The Magic Onion’s 2013 Fairy Garden Contest

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