Creating with Kaleidograph

creating with kaleidograph

When Scott from Red Hen, LLC, and co-creator of Kaleidograph, contacted me about collaborating with the company I was very excited.  He and his partner, Norman Brosterman (author of Inventing Kindergarten) are experts on the Froebel method and committed to open-ended play. I was very pleased when he offered to send me 4 Kaleidograph sets to review (a total blogger bonus since the sets were already on my wish list!!!)

Each set includes 9 two-sided paperboard die-cut and 3 two-sided solid backer cards.  By stacking, flipping, and rotating the cards there are billions of designs to be created.  The sets are both a toy … and design tool.  It’s one of those toys that when placed in front of you just BEGS to be played with … hard for a person of any age not to want to design one of his/her own.  And for those who don’t prefer the open ended nature of the toy, there is a design poster included in each set to see if you can recreate the designs.

Here’s more about each individual set:

Kaleidograph Crystal Set




Kaleidograph Crystal Set – (MSRP-$14.99) Based on “interconnected hexagonal geometry found in nature”.


Kaleidograph Contrast Set




Kaleidograph Contrast Set – (MSRP-$14.99) Features black/white printed designs on the same die-cut cards as the Kaleidograph Crystal set.


Kaleidograph Flora




Kaleidograph Flora Set – (MSRP-$14.99) Explore the geometry of flowers.


OpArt Kaleidograph Set




Kaleiograph OpArt Set – (MSRP-$14.99) Black/white designs based on mid-century modern art printed on the same die-cut cards as the Kaleidograph Flora set.


Each individual set is wonderful and a great product on its own, however … use all the sets together and the design options seem INFINITE!  It didn’t take long after I showed my kids the sets that they were mixing and matching them to create unique designs.  Here’s a step-by-step look at one my 8 year old son created …

kalidograph processOne thing we’ve really LOVED about the sets are how easy it is to take with us.  I put the cards in a sandwich size closable bag to help protect them (I want them to last as long as possible!) and throw the bag in my purse.  It’s been a lifesaver at family get togethers and dinners at restaurants!  Wanna see some of our creations?

3X3 Kaliograph grid

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    Wow, what a neat product. Thanks so much for sharing it…I am glad to learn about it!
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  2. Tslamb

    Great write up and what a cool product. I can see it working for any age and providing lots of new wonder.

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    Those are mesmerizing! What fun!

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