Super Secret List of Christmas Elf Activities

Ok … I probably shouldn’t be sharing this anywhere … especially the internet.

… And I’ll probably end up on Santa’s Naughty List…

…but last year our Christmas Elf left behind a classified document and I couldn’t help but take a peek!  The document is the Super Secret List of Christmas Elf Activities to Do When Visiting Your Host Home.

Apparently when the elves gather back up at the North Pole they share with each other the silly stuff they did while visiting the kids around the world.  It appears, from the list, that they decided to keep a list of all of the antics so they could remember and copy the good ideas … because just sitting on the shelf for approximately 4 weeks is super boring!  Some of the elves have been visiting the same house for YEARS (like our elf who’s been visiting since 5 years!) and the list has 150 ideas on it.  Do you want to see it too?  Well, … if you keep it a secret I’ll share with you this free printable.  All you have to do is click on the image below.

Super Secret List of Elf Activities - discovered by PlayDrMom

Elves have been known to check off the ideas as them do them to keep track off what they have done.  And if you’re curious at what some of the ideas look like take a look at some fun our elf has had throughout the last couple years (click through on the image to see the posts or for all of my EOS click here).


EOS 2012

Elf Adventures 2013

If that didn’t give you enough an idea, make sure to check out …
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