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Do you Zentangle? create a zentangle in therapy

I’m not trained in art therapy, but I definitely use a lot of art and crafts in my work with my clients.  Art and play therapy go so easily together; art can easily be playful and therapeutic.  I also love it

Utilizing the Books of Kevin Henkes in Play Therapy

Since the Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids is featuring Kevin Henkes this month, I though it would be a great time to review his books that can be extremely useful in therapy with kids.   (He has A LOT that

PlayDrMom’s Favorite Books about Feelings

One of the most important social skills is the ability recognize, distinguish and label one’s own emotions and the emotions of others.  A great way to help develop this skill is to begin reading books that describe and picture feelings to

Promoting Positive Behavior

As a parent and a child psychologist I firmly believe in focusing on reinforcing positive behaviors … as opposed to punishing negative ones.  This stems from my knowledge of what behaviorists have studied about human behavior … AND my first hand experience

Playdough in Play Therapy

Since I took the Playdough Pledge this week … I figured it was high time that I shared HOW and WHY I use play dough in my work as a play therapist.   Play therapy uses PLAY as a way to

Keepsake Questions to ask kids on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, … or ANYDAY

A few years back I found this list of questions that are terrific as keepsake questions to ask kids on a Facebook note (if anyone knows the original source, PLEASE let me know!). What is something mom/dad always says to you?

Virtual Book Club: The Carrot Seed

For this, our second month doing the Virtual Book Club hosted by Toddler Approved, we read The Carrot Seed, by Ruth Krauss. If you haven’t read this one (at all, or lately) I highly recommend it.  We have been enjoying it frequently

What a Play Therapy Room Looks Like (new office)

I am so excited that I will be starting off the new year in a brand new office.  It was time for a change … so, me and my friend/office mate (Dr Betz King), found a great new location and moved

The GAMES we play … and WHY (part 2)

Previously I posted a list of great “starter” games for kids  … Classic “Board” Games to Play with Three-Year-Olds … and WHY.  Here’s some more for when the other games are mastered!  I would recommend them for children 4 and older

Simple Limit Setting

A three step sequence of stating the limit, giving a warning, and enforcing the consequence can be used in a child-centered play therapy session … this simple limit setting model is also a GREAT to use CONSISTENTLY and with FOLLOW THROUGH

Play Skills for Parents

When teaching a class on play therapy, I teach and quiz my students on basic skills of being a child-centered play therapist.  I also discuss using these same skills with the parents of my children clients to help decrease problematic behaviors

Play Therapy Resources: Toys, Materials, & Organizations

Constructive Playthings 800-448-4115 Discovery Toys 800-341-8697 The Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop 800-551-7523 Oriental Trading Company 800-228-2269 Rhode Island Novelty 800-528-5599 Self Esteem Shop 800-251-8336 Toys of the Trade 866-461-2929 Toys to Grow On