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“I LOVE MY NEW TOY!” … Summer Virtual Book Club, featuring Mo Willems

This summer, instead of featuring a single book in the Virtual Book Club for Kids (hosted by Toddler Approved) is featuring ONE AUTHOR EACH MONTH.  This month … Mo Willems! I wasn’t introduced to the amazing work of Mo Willems until Henry received

Homemade Playdough: A Rainbow of Kool-Aid Colors

If you read Monday’s post (So Many Ways to Play with Playdough) or Tuesday’s post (Playdough in Play Therapy) you might have noticed that we took the Playdough Pledge this week. It’s an online playdate hosted by Nurturestore, The Imagination Tree, and Sun Hats

Shadow Play: Day 5, Rounding Up Some Shadows

So, here’s DAY 5, the final day of the Shadow Play series of posts.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have creating them!  Since I’ve been posting about our shadow play this week, I also wanted to include

DIY Gel Boards … and Kids Co-Op LINKY

When I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest from Chasing Cheerios (could that blog name be any cuter?!?)  … I JUST had to give it a try.  DIY gel boards for fun, mess-free, sensory play … perfect for practicing pre-writing skills

Mystery Bag … part of TinkerLab’s Paper Bag Challenge!

When I told Henry about participating in TinkerLab’s Paper Bag challenge, he immediately had an idea.  “I know, we should make it into a Mystery Bag!”   The “Mystery Box” has been a school favorite activity for him since he did

Homemade Playdough Snow (and snowman accessories!)

This year Honor and Henry (with lots of help from me!) made Homemade Playdough Snow to give to their friends for Christmas. I followed this basic Playdough Recipe, but added in iridescent glitter at the end in some of the batches. Honor

Developmentally Appropriate Toys for children 2 – 5 years

This is SUCH a fun age to buy for.  Kids are finally mastering fine and gross motor skills … as well as the ability for imaginary play.  Here are some ideas for developmentally appropriate toys for children 2 – 5 years

DIY Light Box

I LOVED this simple idea from  light box | happy hooligans, so I had to try it out. My dear hubby found the light (and got 2) on one of his many trips to Home Depot.  And I found a simple plastic

Craft Kits We Tried This Summer

I am ALL for the completely homemade crafting projects for kids.  But the buy-at-the-store kits are sometimes great.  Here are some craft kits we tried this summer: “Power Balls” by Color Zone The process for this project was easy and fun,

Paper Tube Castle

This Paper Tube Castle was a super fun, easy activity that the kids and I did over the course of a day.  I got the idea from my crafty cousin who says she saw it in a craft book for kids

DIY Sponge Splash Balls

Last year I made Sponge Splash balls with my kids after I saw the idea in Family Fun magazine.  They were a big hit at the beach all summer long … so much so they met their well-loved (stinky, dirty) demise