Heart Sticker Resist Painting

 Inspired by

(run by Jamie of Hands On: As We Grow) and our own previous tape/sticker resist paintings, Honor & I created this beautiful art.  A photo of this painting is included in the ebook collaboration that I highlighted yesterday.

For this project, we used canvas, heart stickers, and washable paint …

Honor did a great job peeling off and placing the stickers just where she wanted them!

 Then, it was time to paint.  Honor chose to go with the traditional red associated with hearts!  She got a bit vigorous in her painting, which moved the stickers a bit … but I think, in the end, it gave it a cool effect.

The hardest part for me is waiting for it to dry!  Because I’m so excited to see how it will turn out!But, of course, I LOVE IT!

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Laura Hutchison

Laura Hutchison (aka PlayDrMom) is a chubby kid turned competitive figure skater tween turned high school pom pon girl turned MSU Spartan turned grad student turned Mrs. HutcH turned Dr. turned Mom. She adores living in the Mitten, is addicted to Diet Coke, and firmly believes that ice cream is a main food group.

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  1. maggy,red ted art

    Beautiful! And a great way to get those heart shapes on to canvas. Looks so lovely and I think your daughter loved it too?!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Susan Case

    Such sweet photos. Love it.

  3. Roopa @Putti prapancha

    Love it again n again!! I did not know this was done on canvas, looks lovely!! We did them on card stock, will post it soon and link back to you:) Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Laura

    The stickers remove MUCH easier off the canvas then paper. My first attempt at sticker/tape resist was on paper … but like canvas much more! Thanks for your comments … they mean so much!

  5. Deb @ Living Montessori Now

    What a fun project … with lovely results! That it’s made on canvas makes it all the more special. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LivingMontessoriNow.

  6. Laura

    Thanks so much, Deb!

  7. JDaniel4s Mom

    This is such a great idea! I will need to remember this technique and use it with JDaniel.

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