Alphabet Party for Preschoolers

Our family has the definite advantage of being able to send our kids to the amazing preschool in which my awesome mom is the director.  She has made it a tradition that on the last day of preschool each year the 3-year old class has an Alphabet party.

Fun Alphabet party for young kids ... great for lunch on the last day of school!

Each child gets assigned a different letter and has to bring a food to share that either begins or is in the shape of that letter.  They also receive a cardboard letter to decorate and place next to their food.  At the party all the food (A to Z) are set up at a long buffet table in the middle of the room with smaller round tables all around where the students and parents can sit to eat.

Alphabet party set up

Since this will be the last time that I will have a child attend the Alphabet party (sniff!), I thought it would be a great opportunity to share this year’s party … from A to Z!

A is for ApplesauceA is for applesauce

B is for BrowniesB is for Brownies

C is for Cantaloupe and Chocolate  C is for Cheese & Crackers

C is for Cantaloupe and Chocolate ……………………….. and Cheese and Crackers!

D is for donuts

 D is for Donuts

E is for Egg SaladE is for Egg Salad

F is for FudgeF is for Fudge

G is for GrapesG is for Grapes

H is for Honey Grahams

H is for Honey Grahams

I is for Italian IceI is for Italian Ice

J is for Jello

J is for Jello

K is for rice Krispy treats

K is for Kabobs

K is for rice Krispy treats ……………………………………….. and Kabobs

L is for Lunch

L is for Lunch

M is for MuffinsM is for Muffins

N is for NuggetsN is for Nuggets

O is for OreosO is for Oreos

P is for PopcornP is for Popcorn

Q is for QuesdillaQ is Quesadilla

R is for Raspberry CustardR is for Raspberry Custard

S is for Salad

S is for Strawberries

S is for Salad  ………………………………………….. and Strawberries

T is for TomatoesT is for Tomatoes

U is for U-shaped sandwichesU is for U-shaped sandwiches

V is for VegatablesV is for Vegetables

W is Watermelon

W is for Watermelon

(sorry somehow I missed getting a photo for X!)

X is for cookies in the shape of X

DSC_2368Y is for Yogurt


Well, for Z … that’s a WHoLE ‘nother post!

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