Noodle Ghosts

One of the very first posts on this blog was on a super fun Noodle Monster project the kids and I did.  Ever since then I thought that redoing the project would be great for Halloween and create Noodle Ghosts instead.  And this week we finally had the chance to do!

Rice Noodles package

All you need to make the Noodle Ghosts are rice noodles, glue, and google eyes.  Rice noodles are very thin and they only need to be boiled in water for a very short time … really just enough to get wet and wiggly!

wet and wiggly noodles

Once the noodles are cooked, add a bunch of white glue and mix the noodles and glue together.  Time for some ooey, gooey, sticky sensory fun!  Have the kids grab a handful of the gluey noodles and place and arrange on some aluminum foil or wax paper.

piles of noodles

We learned from the last time that it was best to keep the noodle piles smaller and not have too many layers.  It takes awhile for the gluey noodles to dry … and the thicker the layers the less likely it will dry completely and hold shape.  It took a few days for ours to dry this time.  I did end up flipping them over after 2 days.  You could put them in the oven on a low temp to speed up the process if need be.

Once they are fully dried the next step is to add google eyes.

PlayDrMom's noodle ghosts

They could make great ornaments for a Halloween tree or to hang individually around the house, but we I decided that I wanted to make them into a Ghost Garland.

Ghostie Garland

Simple. Fun.  And Cute.  I love our little noodle ghost garland!

Ghost Garland

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