Marble Painting

My first idea was to roll round objects (balls, cars, trucks) down the driveway on a large sheet of butcher paper.  Our driveway is perfect for this because it is at a HUGE angle down towards the house.  The kids, however, were not interested … and to tell you the truth, it really wasn’t satisfying for me either when I tried it with the set up we had.

Since that wasn’t “rolling” with ’em, we moved onto marble painting.  I knew that both of them had done this at school, but I wanted to experience it with them at home.  So, we took the what was left over for our small washable paint jars and dropped the marbles right in, shook them up, poured them out into our cardboard craft bins (aka the cardboard pallet my diet Coke comes in when I get it in mass quantities at Costco), and had the kids roll the marbles around.  You could easily tape other paper in these bins and paint that … but we skipped that part and painted right on the cardboard.

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Laura Hutchison

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