Tinkering with Flowers … and making a window flower collage

The kids and I were very excited to take part in this Creative Challenge set up by Tinkerlab.


We took participated in the last 2 Tinkerlab Challenges … the Paper Bag and the Egg Carton Creative Challenges.  It’s a fun way to spark kids’ imagination … and also to see what other people come up with using the exact same material.

This challenge …


I love that the idea behind these challenges is that they are to be CHILD-centered.  So, I usually start off with a basic idea and then set the kids up with the materials and they take it from there.  We currently don’t have any blooming flowers in our yard, so I bought some fresh daisies at the store.  Then, I took a large sheet of contact paper and taped it to our family room window … STICKY SIDE OUT. (I got this idea for a contact paper window collage from The Artful Parent)

I put out the flowers and some child-safe scissors (and some tape for reinforcement … and let them explore and create!

Now let’s see what our friends from the blogosphere came up with …


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  1. Rachelle | TinkerLab

    This came out beautiful! And you know what a sucker I am for anything with the word “tinker” in it! We also used contact paper, probably originally inspired by The Artful Parent as well. I’m so glad you joined the challenge.

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