Elf Adventures 2012, week 3

We’ve continued to have fun waking up each morning to see what our elf, Brief Houser, was up to in the middle of the night.  Here’s this week’s adventures …

Day 15:  Writes a message in Cheerios

Elves Rule!

Day 16:  Playing with the Dinosaurs

Dino and Elf Play

Day 17:  Challenged Henry to a Game to Hangman

Playing Hangman

Day 18: In the Fridge … sipping on Chai

Sipping on ChaiDay 19:  Steal some Christmas Kisses

Christmas Kisses

Day 20:  Snowball Fight

SNOWBALL FIGHT!            Elf snowflake battle

Day 21:  Brought Gifts for Solstice

The Elf brings gifts for Solstice

If you’d like to check out Brief’s past adventures … 2011, 2012 week 1, 2012 week 2.

And this year I have been featuring the fun our friends’ elf, Twin’kle has been having too!

twin'kle's adventures 3

  • Twin’kle wants to play ball
  • Playing with cars
  • Drinking egg nogg under the tree
  • finding a sneaky way to get into the cupboard with the secret candy stash
  • warming up under a makeshift sunlamp
  • fishing!

Make sure you come back in a few days to see both elves adventures in the final days before Christmas!

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