Make a Creeper Mask: a Minecraft CRAFT

For my son’s 8th birthday party we celebrated in Minecraft style!  One of the activities we did at the party was have each guest make a Creeper Mask (an idea I got from Parties 4 Ever).  It was great for the party, but it would be a fun craft for any day!

Make a CREEPER Mask!

Before the party, I prepped a cardboard square for each guest (plus some extras, just in case!).  I used the bottom of the cardboard pallet that soft drink canned beverages come in at Costco … It worked perfect because with the sides cut off the bottom can be cut in half to make two 10 1/2  X 10 1/2 squares.

cardboard square

I also cut green (for Creepers) and skin colored (in case some guest wanted to make “Steve” or another character) construction paper to the same size.  My husband picked up several paint stirrers from Home Depot to use as the “handle” for the mask.  To decorate/add the details I purchased pre-cut tissue paper squares from Oriental Trading Company (to save the time cutting a ton of little squares!)

materials for Creeper Masks

When the guest arrived at the party, my son showed them the “sample” mask and explained how to make them.

making Creeper masks

The kids really enjoyed creating their own mask … and trying them out!

Trying out a Creeper Mask

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