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Play Therapy Awareness Week!

This week is Play Therapy Awareness Week (February 3rd-7th).  I’d love for you to spread the word about Play Therapy.  Here are some ways you can do so … Check out the Association for Play Therapy’s website and learn more about

My Depression Story … end the stigma

This post was written as a contribution to the Perfectly Imperfect: Parenting with Mental Illness Blog Carnival.  The participating bloggers are sharing their experiences, thoughts, and opinions on how living with mental illness affects their daily lives and parenting practices. My

“But nothing happened. Not a sound.” – a Very Quiet Cricket activity

This month the Virtual Book Club for Kids is featuring one of our favorite books by one of our favorite authors … The Very Quiet Cricket, by Eric Carle.  Two of our very close friends recently moved to a house on

Share A Smile! (Smile-a-thon closing)

If you’ve been flowing closely, you know that a couple of weeks ago I posted about the start of a wonderful collaborative fundraising effort for Operation Smile.  And, now … so quickly, we are at the end of the blog-style Smile-a-thon.

SHARE A SMILE … Operation Smile-a-Thon

Elizabeth from Broken Treasures had this fabulous idea for bloggers to join together to help raise money for Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an organization that raises money to help fix smiles of children who need it (kids that have cleft lips and/or

the heart project

There’s a MILLION reasons to donate to the American Heart Association.  You might have several reasons yourself.  When I think of the AHA … I think of my grandfather who passed way too early due to a heart attack. I think

100 Acts of Kindness and 100 Heart Projects

Two incredible events are happening right now in the blogosphere and you need to know about them: The Heart Project- One book, 70+ bloggers with 100+ craft ideas, all related to hearts, including 2 projects from me, PlayDrMom.  This ebook will ONLY

Baking with My Kids

I’m not really a foodie, definitely not a chef, and only ok at easy baking … but I do know the value of baking with my kids.  I remember helping my mom in the kitchen; the fun of creating something together.

Collaborative Heart Project Fundraiser

I am currently working on a project, created by Jamie at Hands on as We Grow, who is pulling together a “Heart Project eBook”. This collaborative project, involving more than 50 bloggers, will be a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the

Christmas Giving, Take Them a Meal, & the story of Delaney Rose

Most of us know that the true meaning of the holiday season is to give and appreciate all that we have … but what does that really mean?  What does it mean to you? About a year ago, I heard about

The Longest Lemonade Stand

Yesterday we participated in breaking a Guinness World Record … the longest lemonade stand ever!  We were there as part of St. James Preschool … where Henry graduated from, where Honor attends, and where my mom is the director of!  It