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A Puppy Shower!

So, my sister and her boyfriend just got a new puppy.  An adorable Labradoodle  named “McLovin“.  And what better way for family and friends to meet and welcome the “new addition” than to …  My mom made the invite (pictured above) …

Honor’s Princess Party

My daughter, Honor has a great love for EVERYthing princess!  So, it was no contest to decide what theme her 3rd birthday party would be.  I had such a fun time planning this joyful event! The Invitations I was thinking about

Making a Easter Egg Hunt Fun for All

My family celebrated Easter Sunday this year at my Aunt Mj’s house.  She always comes up with fun activities for the kids … and this year was no exception.  She created a wonderful Egg Hunt that was fun for all 4 generations

My kid’s bowling birthday party … I’ll spare no details

Since I’ve been blogging less than a year, I still have lots of catching up to do on previous play, crafts, and celebrations.  With this being Henry’s birthday month (see this year’s party) I’ve been thinking a lot about celebrating his previous

Marvelous Mario Kart Party

For Christmas 2010 we got the family a Wii.  And created a monster.  Well, kinda … Henry, my NOW 6-year-old son, LOVES playing and it is usually a struggle to limit his time on it.  However, I have seen a a

Valentine’s Party 2012

Yesterday, I posted our table decorations (Valentine Votives) for the evening family Valentine’s Party for the preschool that my mom is the director of (that my son is an alum from … that my daughter is a current tot class student

Celebrating A New Life: The Twelve Gifts of Birth “Sprinkle”

Nothing is more magical than life … creating life, nurturing life, bringing a new life into the world.  I think it is essential to celebrate these moments and the women involved. Last weekend I threw a small shower (we called it


We had a themed playdate yesterday!  IT WAS DINOTASTIC!  6 kids 6 & under enjoyed dino crafts, dino food, dino books, dino excavation, & dino imaginary play. Before our friends came, I set up my crazy flowered craft tablecloth and got