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PlayDrMom’s favorite children’s books about ANXIETY

Anxiety continues to be one of the top reasons for parents to bring their children into therapy. Our world is continually filled with unknowns and ever-growing pressures that is no wonder why are kids are filled with doubt and uncertainty as

This Plus That: Customized Task Sheets for Kids

It’s been a struggle since the school year began … how to get Henry to accomplish the tasks he needs to do after school.  Especially when I’m not there to supervise. This year marks a first for us.  The first year

More Halloween Reading for Kids

Last year wrote this post on our favorite Halloween books.  But this year we have some new favorites … The Halloween Play by Felicia Bond Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman The Night Before Halloween by Natasha Wing Room on the Broom

Utilizing the books of Amy Krouse Rosenthal as Parenting & Therapeutic resources

I wasn’t familiar with the Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s books before exploring her work during the Virtual Book Club for Kids this month.  After reading through every title by her that I could get at my public library I recognized that many

Looking for Leaf Man … September Virtual Book Club for Kids featuring Lois Ehlert

This month the Virtual Book Club for Kids is featuring the beautiful books of Lois Ehlert. I love the way she craftily creates the art for her books using simple materials and shapes.  It was hard to choose among the myriad

The Virtual Book Club for Kids … is going to continue ALL YEAR!

I am SO happy to share that the host, Kristina of Toddler Approved, of the Virtual Book Club for Kids has decided to grow and expand the club for the ENTIRE year. Thanks to Kristina from Toddler Approved for creating and

Books That Can Help Children Grieve

To those that lost loved ones on this day, September 11 … eleven years ago … my heart and thoughts go out to you.  May you continue to find support and love through your lifelong process of grief. Grief and loss

Back to School Books for Kids

It’s that time of year again!  BACK TO SCHOOL!!!  Here are some of my favorite back to school books that I read with my own kids and recommend to clients (especially if they are starting school for the first time or

Utilizing the Books of Kevin Henkes in Play Therapy

Since the Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids is featuring Kevin Henkes this month, I though it would be a great time to review his books that can be extremely useful in therapy with kids.   (He has A LOT that

Thinking Creatively … featuring a book by Kevin Henkes

This month the Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids is featuring Kevin Henkes.  He has TONS of fabulous books for kids … and the blogs that are participating are sure to come with TONS of wonderful related activities.  Many of the

When Potty Training is Difficult … part of the “We Get It” parenting series

I’ve received lots of requests to blog about potty training … but it’s taken me a really long time to sit down and write this post.  The road of potty training my son (now 6) has been long and bumpy …

Loving the Olympics … playing and learning through the Summer 2012 Games

Here’s some playful ways we’ve had fun taking part of the Olympics this summer … 1.  We had a sleepover party with Nana/my mom to watch the opening ceremony and played Olympic Opening Ceremony Bingo created by Thirty Handmade Days.  It