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A Variety Of Valentine’s (toddler style!)

Being a part of such a great blogging community, I was overwhelmed with the wealth of ideas for Valentine Cards … so instead of settling on ONE single way, I decided on the broader idea of using Honor’s artwork to create

A Fishy Valentine

So, last year Henry picked Rocket Valentines to create … this year we perused my Valentine Pinterest board together and he decided on a pretty fishy one from Tammy Mitchell Photography …  Here’s our version … Super simple … sandwich baggie

Valentine’s Party 2012

Yesterday, I posted our table decorations (Valentine Votives) for the evening family Valentine’s Party for the preschool that my mom is the director of (that my son is an alum from … that my daughter is a current tot class student

Valentine Votives

I knew I wanted to do Valentine Votives like the ones Mama Pea Pod made as soon as I saw them. So, when my mom said she needed an idea for the centerpieces for the evening Valentine’s party she was coordinating

A Laura Craft: Valentine Yarn Wreath

I previously posted a collection of yarn wreaths that I so enjoyed making … and giving away as Christmas presents.  After doing so, and from reading some of the comments, I realized that I had failed to make one for my

“You’re A Blast!” Rocket Valentine

I made this for Henry to give away last year at his preschool’s Valentine party.  I found a bunch of great Valentine ideas on the Family Fun website and Henry picked this one as his favorite. The instructions said to use

Heart Attack!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we (my family) are participating in the 100 Acts of Kindness project put together by Toddler Approved.  The project is challenging everyone to perform 100 Acts of Kindness between January 16th and February 14th

Heart Sticker Resist Painting

 Inspired by (run by Jamie of Hands On: As We Grow) and our own previous tape/sticker resist paintings, Honor & I created this beautiful art.  A photo of this painting is included in the ebook collaboration that I highlighted yesterday. For this

Fakin’ It (snow that is)

Today, January 31st, it is 50 degrees in MICHIGAN.  It’s been freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw all month.  So, what’s a native Michigan mom to do when there isn’t very much snow in mid-January?  MAKE IT! I got this fabulous idea from Make Do &

Snowman Sundae

Here’s a fun and simple treat!  A Snowman sundae … 3 small scoops of vanilla ice cream mini chocolate chips for eyes, mouth, & buttons one piece of candy corn for the nose 2 toothpicks for the arms ENJOY!

Simple Snowman

  Isn’t he cute? We haven’t had a lot of snow around here until the last day or so, but earlier in the month my son, Henry (age 5), and I made this one.  I just took a tin can …

Books for a Snowy Day

Here in Michigan we get a fair amount of snow each year which always inspires us to read and share some of our favorite wintry stories about snow.  Here’s a collection of some of our favorite books for a snowy day!