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Collaborative Heart Project Fundraiser

I am currently working on a project, created by Jamie at Hands on as We Grow, who is pulling together a “Heart Project eBook”. This collaborative project, involving more than 50 bloggers, will be a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the

Thank-you note Torture

Growing up my wonderful mother instilled in me the importance and art of writing thank-you notes.  I don’t remember ever minding this … but then again, I always have enjoyed writing. Believing in the importance of formally giving thanks, I want

Books for a Snowy Day

Here in Michigan we get a fair amount of snow each year which always inspires us to read and share some of our favorite wintry stories about snow.  Here’s a collection of some of our favorite books for a snowy day!

Trusting Our Parental Instincts

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is the constant onslaught of commentary from relatives, friends, total strangers, and the media on how WE should be a parent.  As if we didn’t second-guess ourself almost every step of the

Snowman Glyph

My son, Henry’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Walch, comes up with AMAZING projects/assignments/activities for both at school and for “homework”.  Each month she assigns a family project; and this month the assignment was to make a Snowman Glyph.  I had never even

A Laura Craft: Yarn Wreaths with Felt Roses

I love to craft.  It was instilled in me by my amazing and crafty mom. I love the process of crafting … the finding an inspiration, the gathering of materials, the ability to engage in the act of crafting hands on,

Glow-in-the-Dark Bath-time Fun

Glow sticks in the bathtub!  Why not!  I got this idea a few months ago from another blogger (You’ll Thank Me One Day – Glow Bath)  And the kids just so happened to get Glow Sticks in their stocking this year

ABC’s of PlayDrMom

I saw this on another blogger’s site (JK Says . . .: Totally Tuesday!) and thought it might be a great time for me to do it.  One … because I just had my birthday.  Two … it’s a new year.  Three

Repost: Why Craft?

Ever sit there in the middle of a project, cleaning up an especially messy project, or even keeping up your own crafting/playing with kids blog and think, “WHY?  Why am I doing this?  Doesn’t it matter?  Is it important?”  Well, if

Please excuse our mess …

I saw this on Pinterest (actual link from on jennlajeunesse on Etsy) and liked it … because of the reminder of what is important at our house. With moving into a new house this past October, it has been a constant whirlwind

The Best of 2011

I came across this Blog Hop:  Best Projects for Kids 2011 … wanting to join up made me think about my 6 months of blogging thus far.  It’s been so much fun and has really inspired me to do tons of fun projects

Craft Closet Essentials

We moved into our new house in October (2011) and along with MANY things to be excited about in our new home was a great space for a craft closet.  But with all the craziness that comes along with moving, having