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Fairylands & Fairy Gardens: A round-up of ideas

The International Fairy Tea Party is tomorrow!  So I’ve been busy rounding up lots of different fairy related posts.  This post highlights different ways to create fairylands & fairy gardens … 1. Egg Carton Fairyland from Sun Hats & Wellies 2.

Make a Fairy House: A Round-Up of Ideas

The International Fairy Tea Party is tomorrow  So I’ve been busy rounding up lots of different fairy related posts.  This post highlights links on lots of ways to create a fabulous Fairy House!  1.  Make a Fairy House from Nurture

Make Your Own Fabulous Fairy!: Round-Up of 20+ Ideas

The International Fairy Tea Party is tomorrow  So I’ve been busy rounding up lots of different fairy related posts.  This post highlights links to over 20 ways to make your own fabulous fairy … 1.  Make a

Our Magical Fairy Village Garden

Our fairy village garden is a work under progress … ever changing and evolving (especially after this week of getting ready for the International Fairy Tea Party!). The backyard to our house includes over 25 hickory trees*

PlayDrMom’s Favorite Fairy Books & Movies

Since we’re all about fairies this week, I figured I’d share some our favorite fairy books & movies … Books Fairy Tales, by e.e. cummings (a collection of four whimsical stories) Mary Englelbreit’s Fairy Tales (beautifully illustrated

Create a Fairy Garden Terrarium

Really close friends can come up with the best gifts!  My BFF since kindergarten sent me an amazing kit for my last birthday last winter so that me and the kids could create our own indoor fairy

Football Books for Kids!

  My post yesterday for the Virtual Book Club for Kids that featured “Little Granny Quarterback” co-authored by Bill Martin, Jr., got me thinkin’ … what other great football books are there for kids?  Here’s what I

Relaxation Jars

Yes, this idea is all over the internet  … but I’ve fallen in love with them and just had to share them on my very own post. They are super simple to make.  All you need is:

PlayDrMom’s favorite children’s books about Creativity

An important aspect of therapy … be it with adults or children … is helping people think creatively.  This doesn’t mean making them do arts & crafts (although sometimes that helps), it means helping clients not getting

PlayDrMom’s Favorite Number Books: Great for Early Learning Math Fun

  Well, I already posted about our favorite ABC books … I couldn’t very well leave out our favorite 123′s!!!  Here they are …   BASIC COUNTING Ten Apples Up on Top!, by Dr. Seuss (a counting

PlayDrMom’s Favorite Alphabet Books

If you haven’t gathered by now, I’m a HUGE fan of children’s books … and there are a lot of wonderful children’s books about the alphabet and learning the ABCs.  I wanted to share a few of

Princess Honor’s Favorite Princess Books

My daughter LOVES princesses.  Anything and everything to do with princesses.  She is well-known (on this blog and in real life) for regularly wearing a princess dress … or at least clothes with princesses on them.  With