A Round-up of Fairy Fun: Celebrating the International Fairy Tea Party

It all started with a shoe … this shoe …

the shoe that started it all

and Suzanne Axelsson (from Interaction Imagination) had an idea of INTERNATIONAL proportion.  The idea was that children of all ages from all over the world join together on the Autumnal Equinox and have an International Fairy Tea Party.  The goal is to celebrate imagination, play, and creativity.  She has challenged us to band together and make fairy homes out of old shoes and also to explore and learn about fairies.

International Fairy Tea Party image

And as you can tell with all my fairy posts this week I have jumped on the fairy bandwagon with both feet wings. So I am ending up the magical celebration with a round-up of fairy fun … all the wonderful fairy-themed ideas I have gathered here in one place!

PlayDrMom rounds up over 124 Ideas for Fairy Fun

PlayDrMom's fairy round-up

1.  Make a Fairy from Nurture Store

2.  Printable Fairy Craft from Learn Create Love

3.  Printable Ballerina Fairy Craft from Learn Create Love

4.  Pinecone Faires from Red Ted Art

5.  Flower Fairies from Paint Cut Paste

6.  Acorn Fairies from WordPlayHouse

7.  TinkerBelle Clothespin Doll from Red Ted Art

8.  Woodland Fairy Folk from Twig and Toadstool

9.  Oil Pastel Fairies from Housing a Forest

10.  Simple Clothespin Fairy Dolls from Toddler Approved

11.  Fairy Peg Doll from Rockabye Butterfly

12.  Wish Tree Fairies from Nurture Store

13.  Felted Ocean Fairy from How to Run a Home Day Care

14.  Spring Fairies Video Tutorial from How to Run a Home Day Care

15.  Leaf Spirits from Twig and Toadstool

16.  Family Fairy, Brownie from Adventures in Mommydom’s

And even more …

How to Make a Flower Fairy from Naturally Educational

Fall Leaf Fairy from Naturally Educational

Winter Snowflake Fairy from Naturally Educational

Stained Glass Fairy Suncatcher from Naturally Educational

Make Fairy Hoax Photos from Mama Scout


 Part of PlayDrMom's Round-Up of Fairy Fun:  Fairy Houses1.  Make a Fairy House from Nurture Store

2.  Seashell Fairy Houses from Nurture Store

3.  Fairy House from Red Ted Art

4.  Fairy House Craft Idea from Coupons are Great

5.  Fairy Houses from Filth Wizardry

6.  Mushroom House made out of paper plates and cups from Parents.com

7.  Making Fairy Houses with Boys from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

8.  Homemade Fabric Tree Stump Fairy House from Pink and Green Mama

9.  Homemade Fairy House from Pink and Green Mama

10.  Teacup Fairy House from The Fairy and the Frog

11.  Fairy House from a Boot from PlayDrMom

12.  Make a Fairy (or Gnome) Home from Recycled Items from JDaniel4’s Mom

13.  Making Fairy Houses from Adventures in Mommydom

14.  Fairy House Using Recycled Items from A Mom with a Lesson Plan

15.  Fairy Button House from MollyMoo

16.  Toadstool Fairy House out of felt from How to Run a Home Day Care

17.  Milk Carton Fairy House from PlayDrMom

18.  Quick and Easy Fairy House Craft for Kids from No Time for Flash Cards


fairylands and gardens1. Egg Carton Fairyland from Sun Hats & Wellies

2.  Make a Fairy Land from Nurture Store

3.  Outdoor Fairy Garden from Twig and Toadstool

4.  How to Weave a Fairy House and Make a Fairy Garden from Kitchen Counter Chronicles

5.   Simple Fairy House and Garden from Creekside Learning

6.   Make a Fairy Garden from The Magic Onion

7.  How to Make a Fairy Garden from Nurture Store

8.  How to Make a Mini Fairy Garden from Better Homes and Gardens

9.  Flower Pot Fairy Gardens from Rockabye Butterfly

10.  Mini Fairy Herb Garden from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

11.  Fairy Garden (for inspiration) from A Girl and A Boy

12.  Fairy Garden 2012 from Crafty Moms Share

13.  Fairy Garden from Taming the Goblin

14.  Easy Fairy Garden from Pink and Green Mama

15.  Fairy Garden from The Imagination Tree

16.  Fairy Garden Terrarium from PlayDrMom

17.  Fairy Village Garden from PlayDrMom

and … Finalists of The Magic Onion’s 2013 Fairy Garden Contest


Part of PlayDrMom's Round-Up of Fairy Fun: fairy extras1.  Fairy Chairs from One Inch World

2.  Fairy Tepee from RedTedArt on MollyMoo

3.  Fairy Toadstools from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

4.  Party Bunting for Fairies from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

5.  A Maypole for Fairy Dolls from How to Run a Home Day Care

6.  Make a Fairy Ring from Twig and Toadstool

and … Ideas for setting up a tiny fairy tea party from Woodland Trust


Part of PlayDrMom's Fairy Fun Round Up: Fairy wands1.  Making Wands in the Forest from Interaction Imagination

2.  Make a Magic Wand from Nurture Store

3.  Nature Fairy Wands from Green Owl Art

4.  Homemade Fairy Wand from Learn Create Love

5.  Magical Fairy Wands from Paint Cut Paste

6.  Lavender Fairy Wand from The Fairy and the Frog

7.  Fairy Wand Craft from Love, Play, Learn

8.  Fairy Wands and Toadstools from LalyMom

9.  Fairy Wand Cookies from Red Ted Art

10.  Fairy Wand Biscuits from Here Come the Girls


Part of PlayDrMom's Round-Up of Fairy Fun: fairy wings1.  Fairy Wing Craft from Red Ted Art

2.  Iridescent Fairy Wings from At Second Street

3.  How to Make Fairy Wings from Be a Fun Mum

4.  How to Make Your Own Fairy Wings from Clean

5.  Make Your Own Fairy Wings printable from Clip Art n’ Crafts

6.  Make Fairy Wings for Dolls from Doll Diaries

7.  How to Make Fairy Wings (for dolls) from Doll Makers Dream

8.  Fairy Wings for your dolls from Filth Wizardry




Part of PlayDrMom's Round-Up of Fairy Fun: Fairy crowns

1.  Woodland Fairy Tiara from Happy Hooligans

2.  Ivy Butterfly Fairy Crown from Factory Direct Craft

3.  Floral Fairy Crown from A Sparkley Silver Lining

4.  How to Make a Daisy Chain Crown from Naturally Educational

5.  Fairy Crowns from Our Good Life

6.  How to make your own fairy crowns fromDesign Dazzle

7.  Fairy Crowns from Fumbleweeds

8.  Floral Fairy Head Wreath from Mom to 2 Posh Lil’ Divas

9.  Simple Fairy Crown Craft from Teach Beside Me

10.  Felt Fairy Princess Crown from Proverbs 31 Living


Part of PlayDrMom's Round-Up of Fairy Fun: sensory play1.  Fairy Soup from Happy Hooligans

2.  Pretend Fairy Cookies from The Pleasantest Thing

3.  Painting a Fairy Sky with Wind Power from Interaction Imagination

4.  Magical Fairy Puddle Play from Growing a Jeweled Rose

5.  Fairy Pool Sensory Bin from Lizards and Lullabies

6.  Fairy Garden Discovery Bottles from Here Come the Girls

7.  Fairy Mud from Happy Hooligans

8.  Fairy Playdough from The Imagination Tree

9.  Flowers and Fairies Sensory Tub from The Imagination Tree

10.  Homemade Fairy Dust from The Imagination Tree

11.  Writing in Fairy Dust (literacy activity) from The Imagination Tree

12.  Looking for Fairies in the Forest from Interaction Imagination

13.  Music for Fairy Dancing (also great to listen while creating any of these fairy projects!) from Let’s Play Music

14.   Go on a Fairy Hunt … free download from Woodland Trust


Part of PlayDrMom's Round-Up of Fairy Fun:  fairy book roundup

1.  PlayDrMom’s Favorite Fairy Books and Movies

2.  The Star Princess by & from Crafty Moms Share

3.  No Flying in the House, “a really good fairy book for 2nd grade girls” from Pragmatic Mom

4.  Fairy Book Review from A Mom with a Lesson Plan

5.  FAIRIES! from Julia’s Bookbag






Part of PlayDrMom's Round-Up for Fairy Fun: 7 fairy parties1.  A Fairy Birthday Party from The Imagination Tree

2.  A Blossom Fairy Party from you make do

3.  TinkerBell Fairy Birthday Party from Sugar Aunts

4.  Fairy Party from I’m Counting UFOs

5.  Woodland Fairy Tea Party from Love the Day

6.  A Fairy Birthday Party from Childhood 101

7.  Ideas on How to Throw a Fairy Tea Party from Squiddo

And more …

–  Fairy Birthday Party from Tastefully Entertaining

–  Woodland Fairy Party from Cul de Sac on Design Dazzle

–  Incredible Woodland Fairy Party from Design Dazzle

–  TinkerBell Party from Party Wishes

–  Fairy Garden Party from Razzle Dazzle Party Box

–  Enchanted Forest Fairy Party from The Craft Train

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