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The GAMES we PLAY … and WHY (part 3)

Here’s some MORE of our favorite games (and their benefits of playing them).  As opposed to parts 1 and 2, these games are a bit more educational and therefore I’m less likely to use them in a play therapy session.  However,

Duck Toss

Have any of those fun rubber ducks laying around?  We have several sets … including Halloween and Thanksgiving ones.  And other than them being a cute table decoration and/or give away at a party, we invented a fun, easy game with

Fall Crafts for Preschoolers

Here’s a collection of Fall crafts for preschoolers that my kids have done!  Those teachers have had some wonderful ideas! Henry’s NOvember book …

A Visit from the Bottle Fairy

Our 2.5-year-old, Honor, has been quite attached to her bottle for bedtime.  She latched onto it as a security item long ago … and honestly, we just haven’t had the right timing or energy to fight the battle.  (important note:  yes,

Letting Them Paint What They Love: Henry’s Angry Bird Painting

My five-year-old Henry continues to be obsessed with Angry Birds.  Not only does he love to play the game (and all its versions), but (as previously seen) he loves his collection of Angry Bird stuffed animals, creating Angry Bird scenes and

Thanksgiving Day Cards: Watercolor Coffee Filter Turkey

I was looking for a fun and simple way to include the kids in sending out some Thanksgiving cards this year and came across this idea The Chocolate Muffin Tree’s coffee filter turkey cards.  We used cardstock paper folded in half for

Beautiful Fall Art: Gel Glue resist with Watercolor

This project was TONS of fun … and pretty simple for the kids to create TRULY beautiful fall art.  We used small canvas in which I drew a leaf with pencil: I then took gel glue and traced over the pencil

Drawing Spirals with Spin Art

Both my 2 year old and 5 year old got a kick out of this simple, fun, and mesmerizing kid kraft … drawing spirals with spin art.  I got the idea from another crafty mom … Putti Prapancha.  And, being a

Candy Color Sort

For some reason my 2 year old is having a hard time learning her colors.  Being the girly-girl princess she is she has pink and purple down, but the rest … not so much.  I saw this post (sweetie sort) a

Turkey Cookies: Thanksgiving-Time Snack

We were hosting an impromptu family dinner last Sunday, so it gave me an excuse to try out these super cute Turkey Cookies for dessert.  I believe I first saw this idea on Pinterest (link here).  I used the “break-and-bake” sugar cookies,

Kid Kraft: Easy Trees

We had some extra time before bedtime the other night, so I snuck in another fall craft.  I got this idea from MomsTown … apple trees for every age.  But, since it was somewhat past our going to the apple orchard and

a fall snack: Acorns

I saw these all over Facebook, mom blogs, and Pinterest this fall … so I just HAD to make them.  My kindergartner’s class rotates who brings snack, so when he was up I knew what he would be bringing.  Here’s our