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Rock Stacking Challenge

I’ve seen this idea lots of places … and I finally had the opportunity to challenge the kids to this activity while we were on vacation last week. With Honor, my 2 year old, I showed her a simple example and

Learning to Use Scissors: Straw Cutting Activity

So, while we have been enjoying the last week of summer up north, I have done a couple of projects and activities with the kids.  One of them I got from Hands On: as we grow – Learning to Cut Activity.  I

Funky Colander Art

I saw this in another blog post (but I can’t remember or find which one), but it was super easy and kept my 2 year old busy by herself for about 15 minutes! (yahoo!)  It was also great practice for her

Marble Painting

My first idea was to roll round objects (balls, cars, trucks) down the driveway on a large sheet of butcher paper.  Our driveway is perfect for this because it is at a HUGE angle down towards the house.  The kids, however,

The Longest Lemonade Stand

Yesterday we participated in breaking a Guinness World Record … the longest lemonade stand ever!  We were there as part of St. James Preschool … where Henry graduated from, where Honor attends, and where my mom is the director of!  It

Craft Kits We Tried This Summer

I am ALL for the completely homemade crafting projects for kids.  But the buy-at-the-store kits are sometimes great.  Here are some craft kits we tried this summer: “Power Balls” by Color Zone The process for this project was easy and fun,


My AWESOME sister this got the idea from Craftzine’s Noodle Monster.  So, we tried it out! We started out with cooking some rice noodles and rinsing them with cold water.  While they were cooling we added watercolors and glue together for our

Ice-Pop Paint

I started out with some washable Crayola paint that I poured into our Mickey Mouse ice cube tray and stuck some craft sticks in the paint.  We then put it in our freezer and waited for a good day for some

Favorite Childhood Memories of Summer

One of my all-time favorite childhood memories of summer is going to get soft serve ice cream after we were already in our pjs.  I’m not sure if we did it every summer, but the memory certainly sticks out in my


We had a themed playdate yesterday!  IT WAS DINOTASTIC!  6 kids 6 & under enjoyed dino crafts, dino food, dino books, dino excavation, & dino imaginary play. Before our friends came, I set up my crazy flowered craft tablecloth and got

Paper Tube Castle

This Paper Tube Castle was a super fun, easy activity that the kids and I did over the course of a day.  I got the idea from my crafty cousin who says she saw it in a craft book for kids

DIY Sponge Splash Balls

Last year I made Sponge Splash balls with my kids after I saw the idea in Family Fun magazine.  They were a big hit at the beach all summer long … so much so they met their well-loved (stinky, dirty) demise