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Celebrating Mother’s Day 2012

I’m a spoiled Momma!  My Mother’s Day was more like a Mother’s Long Weekend!!! Thursday – Honor came home with a present wrapped (in paper she had stamped herself!).  I opened it up to reveal … A Beautiful Butterfly! Friday –

Keepsake Questions to ask kids on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, … or ANYDAY

A few years back I found this list of questions that are terrific as keepsake questions to ask kids on a Facebook note (if anyone knows the original source, PLEASE let me know!). What is something mom/dad always says to you?

What We Did During Screen-Free Week

Wow!  That week was NOT at all what I expected.  I thought it was going to be hard … for the kids and for me, most especially for me when I needed to get things done and didn’t have a screen

“I Dressed Myself” … (aka Coping with Your Child’s Independence)

I’m not sure where I got this idea from originally.  I know it was before I even had kids … maybe from a play therapy conference, supervision, book, or parenting magazine.  But I KNEW that it would someday come in handy.

10 Ways to Make a Kid’s Birthday Special (other than a party)

Having a fun kids party for a birthday is wonderful … and probably something a child will remember for many, many years.  (I was fortunate to have parents that allowed me a party every year … and I’m sure I’ll do

Our Valentine’s Day 2012

We started the day off yummy and sweet (and super easy) with heart shaped cinnamon rolls and waffles … The kids’ Valentine cards from me were at their spots on the kitchen table.  They were surprised at first … because the

4 Weeks of Kindness

What qualifies as “an act of kindness”?   There are so many small things that we do each day for our kids … that we take for granted.  (of course I do that, I’m his/her mom!)  However, I think that the concept

Parenting: It’s hard … and wonderful

 “The days are long, but the years are short.” “Parenting isn’t for the weak.” “Cleaning the house while the kids are home is like shoveling when it’s still snowing!” “Don’t you wish kids came with an instruction manual?” “Shouldn’t parents have


I read these articles the other day and really wanted to share them … Quit trying to prove yourself. | Jon Acuff’s Blog. The Trouble with Blogging.  from Blogging With Amy I also thought it was a good follow-up to yesterday’s

Trusting Our Parental Instincts

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is the constant onslaught of commentary from relatives, friends, total strangers, and the media on how WE should be a parent.  As if we didn’t second-guess ourself almost every step of the

A Visit from the Bottle Fairy

Our 2.5-year-old, Honor, has been quite attached to her bottle for bedtime.  She latched onto it as a security item long ago … and honestly, we just haven’t had the right timing or energy to fight the battle.  (important note:  yes,

Simple Limit Setting

A three step sequence of stating the limit, giving a warning, and enforcing the consequence can be used in a child-centered play therapy session … this simple limit setting model is also a GREAT to use CONSISTENTLY and with FOLLOW THROUGH