The ABCs of Halloween … and The Weekly Kids Co-Op

ABCs of Halloween

I just LOVE Halloween … so putting together the ABCs of Halloween was a TON of fun.  Here’s a round up of my own ideas, plus ones from around the internet that I just love.

Halloween … A to Z

AHalloween Apps

BOver 100 Halloween Books

CCuckoo Clock Costume

D a Halloween Dessert from Blue Bonnets and Brownies

EGoogle Eye Garland from Landee See Landee Do guest post at eighteen25

FHalloween Party Fog Drinks from Kids Activity Blog

GGhastly Gourds

HHalloween Hairdos from Princess Piggies

IAn Eye Catching Halloween Invitation from

JJack-O-Lantern Tips for HGTV

KGreen Slime Kit from All Things Simple

LTrack-Your-Loot Free Printable from Lasso the Moon

MHalloween Movies for Kids

NNoodle Ghosts

OEasy Indoor Halloween Obstacle Course from LalyMom

PPaint Pour Pumpkins

QFree Printable Halloween Quotes from It’s Written on the Walls

Ra Raisin Raven snack

SHalloween Fun for a School Party

TMake a Halloween Tree

UHalloween Urn Decorations from Fox Hollow Cottage

VVampire Donuts from Thrifty Fun

WWhat’s in the Witch’s Kitchen

XUse 2 X 4s to create Halloween Decor from Alayna’s Creations

YYard Decoration for Halloween rounded up by Listotic

ZZombie Pumpkins from

abcs of halloween (2 block)

And now for the Weekly Kids Co-Op!


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